Practice Test Review

1. Which vessel must change course if a power-boat and sailboat operating by sails alone approach each other in open-water? [Question not answered.]

The power-boat must change course
The sailboat must change course
The vessel to the windward side must change course
The vessel with the wind on its starboard side must change course

2. When does the Meteorological Service of Canada issue a gale warning? [Question not answered.]

When sustained wind speeds are between 20 and 40 knots
When sustained wind speeds are between 48 and 63 knots
When sustained wind speeds are between 34 and 47 knots
When sustained wind speeds are between 15 and 19 knots

3. What is the name given to loose or broken water caused by the action of a boat's propeller? [Question not answered.]


4. What is the name given to sustained winds of 12 to 19 knots? [Question not answered.]

Low winds
Moderate winds
Strong winds
Light winds

5. What should you do with a ripped Lifejacket? [Question not answered.]

Use it only as a spare Lifejacket
Have it repaired immediately
Only repair it if absolutely necessary
Replace it

6. What is the first action you should take when a pleasure craft capsizes? [Question not answered.]

Climb onto the overturned craft
Put on a personal flotation device
Immediately signal you need assistance using a distress signal
Swim to shore if your within 50 m of the shoreline

7. All vessels should be equipped with an emergency kit. In what location should it be stowed? [Question not answered.]

Where it is easily accessible
Doesn't matter
Close to the stern of the craft
Close to the bow of craft

8. What action should you take if you are the stand-on vessel? [Question not answered.]

Immediately steer starboard
Maintain your course and speed with caution
Steer well clear of other vessels
Immediately steer port

10. When is it illegal to tow a water-skier? [Question not answered.]

When operating close to shore
After sunset
During poor weather conditions
If you are using a PWC to tow the skier

10. What is the maximum lifespan of a flare? [Question not answered.]

4 years
2 years
3 years
5 years

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